That Exciting New Band People Just Won't Shut Up About!

Usually when I leave a music event, I’m full of critical thoughts. “Good songwriting sabotaged by poor arrangements.” “Vocal emoting can’t compensate for weak lyrics.” That sort of thing. But when I left Sam Bonds that evening, my first thought was “That was an example of first-class song writing.” My second thought was “Jeez, I’d like to play with those people.” Smart songs played well and a relaxed, engaging stage presence made for a perfect evening.

-Jay Seely

Two singer-songwriters from broken-up bands come together to form smalltime. Burned out chasing affirmation on the interwebs, Katie Sontag (formerly of Temple Under the Stars) and Timothy Michael Shaw (formerly of My Father’s Ghost) sing and write songs about everything from heartache to cats, personal hygiene to Hamlet. They are currently at work on their groundbreaking EP, IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS, which is sure to make a tiny splash on the Eugene music scene, in addition to their upcoming small town tour, WHOEVER KNOWS THE WAY NEXT IS IN CHARGE.

It’s The Little Things

1. The Little Things
2. smalltime
3. Beautiful

4. Carry On

5. You Lost Me

6. The Long Way Home

7. Poly WMC

A Small Sample of Their Electrifying Stage Presence

Beautiful Girl on an Ugly Bike

The Banjo Song